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Dubrovnik Bans Bags on Wheels

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The mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia, has announced a series of measures aimed at reducing noise pollution for local residents, including a ban on wheeled suitcases. Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic, is experiencing a surge in tourism, creating challenges for the historic city. The decision to ban wheeled suitcases comes in response to calls from residents for stronger actions to address excessive noise, particularly from restaurants.

Starting this summer, tourists will be required to carry their suitcases by hand rather than pulling them on wheels, as described by the daily newspaper Jutarnji List. Additionally, the city plans to introduce mandatory luggage lockers from November, and carrying luggage around the city center will be prohibited.

Mayor Mato Franković stated in an interview that suitcases will be stored in lockers, and for a fee, they will be transported to the designated accommodation. This measure is part of the Respect the City program, which Dubrovnik has been implementing for several years to educate tourists about local rules and regulations. The city, in collaboration with the local tourist board, has developed an animated guide that highlights various guidelines, such as keeping dogs on leashes, not littering, refraining from riding motorcycles or scooters, and wearing shirts while in the city center.

To raise awareness among visitors, the video guide is now being shown on Croatia Airlines cruise ships and planes. Other airlines may also join the program, according to Jutarnji List.

Croatia’s public broadcaster HRT reports a 32% increase in tourism since the beginning of the year compared to the previous year. This growth can be partly attributed to Croatia’s entry into the eurozone and the Schengen area, making travel to the country more accessible from January 1st of this year.

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