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The magical spring is running again

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If you are looking for a travel tip in the centre of the Czech Republic, read closely. The allegedly ‘magical’ spring of St. Anne near Pohled is full of water again after a 5 year pause. The water stopped running from the natural spring half a decade ago, after 130 years of serving the locals. These people were devastated when their spring stopped running due to ongoing droughts in the Czech Republic. At one point in the past few years, the well of the spring also got contaminated with faecal bacteria, which seemed like the final blow to the possibility of the spring ever delivering water again. Nevertheless, the spring is now miraculously functional again, the bacteria are gone, and it is safe to drink. The spring’s fame started growing when it was reported to have healed the blindness of a wife of a local woodworker in the 18th century. Since then, the church has constructed a chapel near the ‘magical’ water after many other miracles connected to the water from the spring started appearing. According to the Oldřich Kučera, the dean of the Havlíčkův Brod parish, under which the St. Anne spring in Pohled falls, the droughts have made the spring unable to generate enough pressure to bring the water to the surface. Now, thanks to a rainy winter, spring and summer, the water pressure in the well is back to its standard levels, and tourists can once again taste the allegedly miraculous healing spring water.

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