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Troublesome return from the UK

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Although it has recently become easier to travel to the Czech Republic from the UK for those who are fully vaccinated, it seems that some UK airports did not get the memo. Over the weekend, there have been reports of fully vaccinated Czech citizens having trouble to board a plane back home. These troubles have likely stemmed from the recent change in Czech travel restrictions for vaccinated citizens. These changes allowed people to fly back home without a test for covid-19. However these changes seem to have caught the airports in the United Kingdom off-guard, as the passengers from the Czech Republic struggled to board their flights, especially those provided by the airline Ryanair. Multiple passengers have reported having unpleasant experiences with the staff, who were adamant about not letting them into plane. Luckily, those who persisted and persuaded the airport staff to look up the Czech travel restrictions in Ryanair’s own travel manual usually got to board the plane. Despite the positive outcomes of these interactions, it was likely very stressful for these Czechs to try and persuade someone in the hectic environment of an airport about their right to fly without an expensive test. Especially if the company’s own website confirms that they were right. The Czech Ministry of Foreign affairs is apparently investigating this issue.

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