The Czech President Miloš Zeman was recently under the investigation of a dedicated commission of the Czech Senate. The commission was specifically interested in whether the President’s reportedly worsening health impacts his ability to serve the nation as President. Now, the results of this investigation were released. The commission has not found any conclusive evidence that could be used to rid the President of his mandate. They reportedly focused on searching for guidance on how a change in health should impact a Czech presidency within the Czech Constitution. For the purposes of this investigation, they requested the help of 15 constitutional law experts. Among other topics, this help apparently focused on the Constitution’s 66th Article, which describes what has toContinue Reading

The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has informed the public that there has been a massive breach in covid-19 restrictions in a nightclub in the oldest Czech shopping mall Kotva, translated – Anchor. Unfortunately this breach has contributed to the spread of the Delta variant of covid-19, which has lately already been on the rise. During the speech posted on his Facebook account, he put most of the blame for the spread of this variant of the virus on the ‘young generation’, who do so according to PM Babiš in incidents like the one in Kotva. This incident has resulted in 34 new cases of the Delta variant in the Czech Republic. PM Babiš shared that people in this nightclubContinue Reading

Jan Kočka has been arrested today. The raid organized by the police in conjunction with specialised crime units targeted the influential Prague businessman who was historically a member of the ČSSD political party in its prime. There were two other men arrested together with Mr. Kočka. In all three cases, the police cannot give further information regarding the reasons for the arrest nor the connection between the three individuals. However, the spokesperson of the Prague police has promised more information to this story tomorrow. The businessman is already one of the major suspects in a tax fraud case from 2018. In this case, Jan Kočka has apparently robbed the country of 150 million crowns. There are even more illegal activitiesContinue Reading

Today the government has announced several future changes to covid-19 restrictions. Starting September 1st, tests for covid-19 will no longer be free. According to the Czech Health Minister, those who were willing to get vaccinated will have already done so by then. Especially since the interval between vaccination doses will be returning to 21 days, as recommended by many vaccination manufacturers. Furthermore, events organised from July 19th onwards hosting more than 1000 unique visitors will need to be reported to local hygiene authorities. These events are now already limited to a maximum of 5000 unique visitors outdoors and 2000 indoors. Further changes were hinted to take place no earlier than August, but nothing specific was said about them. The governmentContinue Reading

MP Volný has been previously connected to the only serious incident of violence in the modern history of the Czech parliament. Now this number has doubled, as he attempted to boycott discussion about a law regarding the effect of covid-19 on the elections. In a country that managed to organize the Velvet Revolution, one of the few revolutions in the world that happened without any casualties, violence is seriously looked down upon. Despite this, Member of Parliament Volný has managed to start a brawl after he refused to leave the speaker’s table, which halts the discussion according to the Parliament’s rules. The police had to be called to forcibly escort MP Volný out of the building through the side entrance,Continue Reading

The Czech KDU-ČSL party has started pushing for a new law, that would result in a significant decrease of pensions for key workers of the totalitarian communist regime that governed Czechoslovakia between 1948 and 1989. By accepting this law we would follow Slovakia, where a similar law was adopted a month ago. It would be the first proper punishment for many, who chose to dedicate their lives to persecuting people, taking away their freedom, human rights and sometimes even their life. The fact that very few communists were punished for their actions probably led to a smoother transfer to democracy, but also spawned a lot of criticism.Continue Reading

Today, the Czech Supreme Administrative court has ruled that parts of the Covid-19 emergency measures, designed by the Ministry of Health, have to be abolished. The section that was deemed improper was mainly concerned with mandatory testing for the virus in companies with less than 10 employees and even the self-employed. This court has held many of the recent decisions of the Ministry of Health under close scrutiny. However, the emergency measures regarding the testing of employees have usually survived this process. In its rulings from April, the Czech Supreme Administrative court has stated that ‘In the situation that prevailed in the Czech Republic at the beginning of March, the regulation of testing employees of large and medium-sized companies wasContinue Reading