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PM’s campaign met with protests

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On Saturday morning, members of the Million Moments for Democracy association sprayed crosses on the Průhonice town square. This stunt imitated their activity from the beginning of the year, when they did the same on the Old Town square in Prague city centre. There, they sprayed 30,000 crosses with eco-friendly spray paint to give people a reminder and a place to mourn about the death of an equal amount of people due to covid-19. Back then, they put some of the blame on the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who let this happen according to them. On Saturday, their stunt was likely meant to convey a similar message to the PM who publicly announced that he will campaign on this square in the town that he lives in that day. Despite the crosses, the Prime Minister continued with his campaign and gave out ice cream and autographs. This move was criticized by the opposition, namely Petr Fiala, the leader of the SPOLU coalition of democratic parties. While he agreed with the PM in that the move made by Million Moments for Democracy was a calculated and vile, he was reportedly saddened by the fact that the Prime Minister continued his campaign, stepping on the crosses which symbolize the deaths of Czech citizens under his government. In the Czech Republic as in most of the Christian world, it is viewed as very disrespectful to step on graves, and many think that even by stepping on crosses just symbolizing graves, the PM was very disrespectful.

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