Prague, Czech Republic – 18 March 2022 – A humanitarian mission launched within 24 hours of the conflict breaking out in Ukraine is delivering thousands of boxes of essential items to residents and collecting refugees at the Ukraine/Poland border to bring them to safety in the Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland.   Freedom Boxes has been created by Stuart Watkins, who also owns software company Zenoo which is based in Prague. When the conflict began, Stuart, his family, and his team set about to do something to deliver help and provide hope to those affected by the invasion. With Freedom Boxes, the team has created an immediate way to directly help those in need.  The team is made up of peopleContinue Reading

The CASA C-295 military aircraft is a transport plane capable of transporting 71 soldiers or three ‘light’ land vehicles. On Tuesday 31st of August, the Czech President Miloš Zeman had used this plane to transport himself to Brno, just a little over 200km away. Many are criticizing the use of such heavy equipment with high environmental impact for the transport of just a few people. Nevertheless, the spokesperson of the President’s office at the Prague castle, Jiří Ovčáček, argues that the plane with a range of 4,300km was perfect for the short trip. The President used it to arrive at the ceremony which kicks off the school year, which will take place at the Elementary school on Merhautova street inContinue Reading

During the last summer, while Health Minister Adam Vojtěch was still in the position for his first time, he became the laughing stock of both the PM Andrej Babiš and the opposition when he proposed that children should wear facemasks when they would enter school in September 2020. Looking back at the pandemic, perhaps he could have prevented the November surge in weekly deaths, which even surpassed the 200 mark, if his idea had been greenlighted. The main obstacle for this was the PM, who is now often blamed for the more than 30,000 deaths due to the virus in our country. Luckily, Adam Vojtěch stayed cautious, and now that he is back in his role of Health Minister, thingsContinue Reading

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German President, arrived for a state visit to Prague on Wednesday. Before his train left from Berlin, he acknowledged that Czechs and Germans were not always the nicest of neighbours to each other, but that he still looks forward to the visit. To accompany him during his train ride, he invited people who ‘pendle’ (travel back and forth) form one country to the other on a daily basis, and discussed the pandemic with them. In Prague, he was welcomed by employees of the Czech President’s office in the Prague Castle, and the Prague Castle Guard, which prepared a red carpet for the German politician. Before the welcoming party left the Main Train Station in Prague, they madeContinue Reading

As per tradition, the Governmental elections commission organized a draw of numbers for the political parties in the upcoming elections. Since some people have a spiritual connection to some numbers, such as the lucky number 7 or the unlucky 13, each political party or coalition gets their number assigned in a public random draw. During it, Eva Krumpová, Vice-Chairwoman of the Czech Statistical Office, and Tomáš Jirovec, Acting Director of the Election Department, drew out envelopes from two clear containers. One container contained envelopes with the names of the 22 parties or coalition which are in the election race, and the other contained numbers from 1 to 22. Thus, when each party was drawn, their number was simultaneously drawn fromContinue Reading

As the campaigns of all Czech political parties proceed, the Piráti a STAN coalition is experiencing quite a downfall. Now, they have decided to move forward with their desire to win more voters over to their side. Throughout September, PirSTAN members will get on the road in a minibus called the Silver Arrow and they will head to senior houses all over the Czech Republic in order to propose their brand new Silver program, a list of arguments on why seniors should vote for the mentioned coalition in the upcoming election. The program apparently includes topics such as the increase of pension salary, housing, services and security. Piráti a STAN express that with their agenda, they would like to helpContinue Reading

The Security Information Service has allegedly been monitoring the President’s economic advisor Martin Nejedlý. The service most likely intends to investigate Nejedlý due to his interactions with the Russians, which might be a threat to the security of the Czech Republic. Nejedlý confirmed that he was aware of the fact that BIS might be watching his steps very closely. However, the speaker of BIS, Ladislav Šticha, gave the press no statement on this delicate matter. Miloš Zeman, the president of the Czech Republic, even said that a few years ago, he was informed by a highly positioned BIS member that Michal Koudelka, the director of BIS, ordered the Security Information Service to monitor not only Nejedlý, but several other individualsContinue Reading

The Political movement ANO, the party responsible for governing the country during the last few years is surprisingly successful during its election campaign. A recently released pre-election poll suggests that the party is the heavy favorite for the victory in the fall elections, with 31.1% of those questioned during the STEM MARK polls favoring the movement led by current PM Andrej Babiš. Surprisingly, the Piráti a STAN coalition has seen a steep fall in their preferential rating, as a mere 18.7% of voters favor them now. Since this coalition was probably the biggest challenger to the current government, many are starting to speak skeptically about a change in Czech politics taking place after these elections. The only remaining hope forContinue Reading

On Wednesday afternoon, August 18th, the third evacuation flight arranged by the Czech army successfully departed from the Kabul airport with 62 passengers on board as the Czech army reported on their social media. The previous evacuation flights have already provided a safe getaway to 133 Czech embassy workers, Afghan allies, interpreters and their families despite the anarchy at the airport. The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned that it is extremely difficult to operate and locate certain passengers on such disorganized grounds. Apart from people headed to Czechia, the second flight also brought home two Polish citizens and the third flight was boarded by 4 Afghan citizens, who were requested by the Slovakian government. This way, the Czech governmentContinue Reading

The government has just released a new set of rules that will have to be followed when Czech students return to school at the beginning of September. Antigen covid testing will be the first thing that children will undergo upon their arrival to school. They will be tested three times: 1st, 3rd and 6th of September in order to trace as many covid positive students as possible before the virus spreads amongst their classmates. Positively tested individuals will get a PCR test thereafter. For those, who will refuse to get tested overall, wearing face masks will be mandatory at all times. Non-tested children will also be excluded from indoor exercising and possibly other physical activities. Furthermore, they will not beContinue Reading