In light of the approaching Czech parliament elections, a noteworthy story about someone trying to find ‘dirt’ on MP Vít Rakušan has been catching the spotlight in Czech media. The saga started when the former head of the STAN political party unveiled that he has received information pointing towards him being followed to the Neovlivní.cz server. As a part of this, Rakušan alleged PM Babiš of ordering the secret pursuit of him to gather information that could derail the Piráti and STAN coalition’s pre-election campaign. However the PM swiftly denied all of Rakušan’s claims. Furthermore, he proceeded to link a part of the public coalition agreement made between Piráti and STAN, where the former Piráti party reserves their right toContinue Reading

With so many political parties in the Czech Republic, it is exciting to see what election campaign strategy will each one pick. The party of the current Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, ANO, has probably had the most freedom in choosing their strategy, as they can present both what they had done during the past four years and what they plan to achieve if elected for the next four years. They chose to focus on the former, as most of the advertisements connected to their campaign show citizens talking about how happy they were during the last few years. One voter even calls the PM an angel in one of the videos. As ANO were previously also reluctant to show theirContinue Reading

On Saturday morning, members of the Million Moments for Democracy association sprayed crosses on the Průhonice town square. This stunt imitated their activity from the beginning of the year, when they did the same on the Old Town square in Prague city centre. There, they sprayed 30,000 crosses with eco-friendly spray paint to give people a reminder and a place to mourn about the death of an equal amount of people due to covid-19. Back then, they put some of the blame on the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who let this happen according to them. On Saturday, their stunt was likely meant to convey a similar message to the PM who publicly announced that he will campaign on this squareContinue Reading

Czech PM Babiš’s personal project, a mobile vaccination centre, seems to be a disaster, as it basically failed in Vítkov on Wednesday. Vítkov is a small town, but it is very significant for the Prime Minister as his political party gained 37%  support in the last regional elections here. For the Czech political system, 37% is a lot. Thus, Andrej Babiš probably decided to reward the town by arriving with his new personal project, a mobile vaccination centre. While a few did show up to get vaccinated, there was almost no one from the Roma minority. This was presumably upsetting to the PM, who likely hoped to demonstrate his love for the Czech minorities by arriving to a town largelyContinue Reading

The Czech budget deficit has reached its highest point in the history of the Czech Republic over July. It now stands at a horrifying 279.4 billion crowns. The current government managed to get the country into such deficit despite the fact that the state income, which comes mainly from taxes and insurance, has risen by 2.4 percent. Furthermore the government got a big financial boost this year from auctioning electromagnetic wave frequency rights to mobile operators, who are getting ready to implement 5G networks. On the other hand, the government was expected to spend more than usual on support programmes for small businesses to revive the economy after the pandemic. However, they spent more than expected and still managed toContinue Reading

The Czech government has publicly voiced its full support for the Belarusian sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, after a scandal surrounding her emerged on Sunday. The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Jakub Kulhánek (ČSSD), has announced that the athlete will be offered a temporary Czech visa soon, so that she does not have to return to her more and more undemocratic home, and can apply for international protection. This is a reaction to a sequence of events which unraveled on Sunday. First, the sprinter who was mean to race on Monday, was taken to the Tokyo airport on Sunday, following her open criticism of both the Belarusian regime and Sport officials. Luckily, the athlete managed to alarm the local authorities before sheContinue Reading

Until this Friday, the current government restrictions make it illegal to not wear a respirator inside buildings and in public transport. This Tuesday, this government decision was overruled by the Czech Supreme Administrative Court. In its press report on the decision, the court described that the implementation of this set of restrictions was not sufficiently justified. Especially the fact that wearing respirators is mandatory for everyone, regardless of their health status. The court gave the government 3 days to generate a response to the ruling. However, it warned that this is the last time the current government will get such forgiving treatment. According to the Czech Supreme Administrative Court, its decisions are being systematically ignored by the government. This isContinue Reading