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Yet another evacuation

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On Wednesday afternoon, August 18th, the third evacuation flight arranged by the Czech army successfully departed from the Kabul airport with 62 passengers on board as the Czech army reported on their social media. The previous evacuation flights have already provided a safe getaway to 133 Czech embassy workers, Afghan allies, interpreters and their families despite the anarchy at the airport. The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs mentioned that it is extremely difficult to operate and locate certain passengers on such disorganized grounds. Apart from people headed to Czechia, the second flight also brought home two Polish citizens and the third flight was boarded by 4 Afghan citizens, who were requested by the Slovakian government. This way, the Czech government wants to show compassion and support other countries. Although the government’s reaction was rather slow-going at first and some politicians probably underestimated the situation, at last it seems that they understood the importance of taking rapid steps in order to recover as many people as possible from the current chaos in Afghanistan. While other countries scramble to get anyone out of the country, a third evacuation flight in just three days is a great success for the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, there is still a number of families with ties to the Czech Republic that are waiting for their salvation at the Kabul airport or on their way to the current capital city of chaos.

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