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Election campaign is in full swing

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With so many political parties in the Czech Republic, it is exciting to see what election campaign strategy will each one pick. The party of the current Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, ANO, has probably had the most freedom in choosing their strategy, as they can present both what they had done during the past four years and what they plan to achieve if elected for the next four years. They chose to focus on the former, as most of the advertisements connected to their campaign show citizens talking about how happy they were during the last few years. One voter even calls the PM an angel in one of the videos. As ANO were previously also reluctant to show their plans for the future, this move is no surprise. The coalition of Piráti and STAN, the biggest challenger of the current government, has chosen to let its leading politicians speak for their public campaign. Their campaign with the theme ‘future’ features a video of their leader Ivan Bartoš speaking with his future self, or a more traditional video of their formerly mentioned leader visiting the city of Kutná Hora, with Vít Rakušan, the former leader of the coalition party STAN. The last party in the running for the win in the elections is the coalition SPOLU, a merge of former parties ODS, TOP09 and KDU-ČSL. They chose a similar strategy as ANO, in that they are letting their voters speak for them. However their voters are speaking of the future. “As a mother of two, I want values such as decency, honesty and morality to return to our country. That is why I support the coalition SPOLU, because it is a symbol of decency, morality and the right values. ” says one of them in their video.

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