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Controversy around MP Volný

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Table of Contents

MP Volný has been previously connected to the only serious incident of violence in the modern history of the Czech parliament. Now this number has doubled, as he attempted to boycott discussion about a law regarding the effect of covid-19 on the elections. In a country that managed to organize the Velvet Revolution, one of the few revolutions in the world that happened without any casualties, violence is seriously looked down upon. Despite this, Member of Parliament Volný has managed to start a brawl after he refused to leave the speaker’s table, which halts the discussion according to the Parliament’s rules. The police had to be called to forcibly escort MP Volný out of the building through the side entrance, during which he proclaimed that Czech democracy is apparently far worse than Nazi and Communist rule. He was forbidden to re-enter the Parliament, the Czech temple of democracy which he left damaged after his antics.

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