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Signal Festival not taking place this year

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Some sad news for Signal lovers: due to the concerning epidemiological situation, tightening quarantine measures proposed by the government, and rising COVID-19 cases, Signal Festival will not take place on its planned date, October 15th.

According to the report published by, Martin Pošta, the director of the festival, met with the Minister of Health, Roman Prymula. During the meeting, Prymula stated that stricter measures, which will be announced on Friday, cannot allow for such a massive gathering to take place.

“We believed that we could do it and this year’s Signal Festival will take place. Unfortunately, we got to the moment when it is no longer possible… We met with the Minister of Health Roman Prymula, who told us that we would not be able to hold the festival this year. Not in the form you know it…

The whole team was constantly adapting to the new measures, and we have been consulting with our epidemiologists for several weeks now. We wanted to do everything to make the festival run smoothly and keep everyone safe. The health of us all has been and is the highest priority. And as we told you before, we are not gamblers and we will not allow ourselves to take unnecessary risks.

What now, what next? We still see the light at the end of the tunnel. We do not know if it will shine this year or next year. But we are sure of one thing. Even though we are now engulfed in darkness, we will light it up again as soon as possible, ” the official statement on the festival’s website says.

The eighth edition of Signal was supposed to centre around the pandemic and the ecology, happening in Holešovice, as well. The show is generally a great success – according to the festival’s website, over three million people have visited it during its seven years of existence. It was also featured in a movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home.”

However, it does not necessarily mean that Signal will not happen, at all. Just not in the form people are used to. The organizers stated that they will look for alternative ways of hosting the festival and will notify the public once they come to a conclusion.

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