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One World is back

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One World film festival brings documentaries with a focus on human rights from all around the world. This year the festival’s program will run from 11 to 22 September in Aero, Atlas, Bio Oko, Evald, and Svetozor. Originally, the festival was supposed to take place in March but it was interrupted by the coronavirus outbreak and total lockdown in the Czech Republic.

One World respects the new safety rules like wearing face masks and using free disinfectors. They promise that all the areas will be disinfected as well.

Environmentalism and humanity’s effect on nature will become the main topic this year. One World wants to concentrate on the importance of the climate change issue, as well as human rights problems, and the films in the program will help to research more on these themes.

The festival will open with the world premiere of The Czechs Are Excellent Mushroom Pickers. This is a reflection on humankind and climate change as well as Czech’s relation to the environment. The film adds some humor perspective on important topics, so the audience will have a deeper understanding of the important issue. After the screening, you will have a chance to participate in the discussion with the film director Apolena Rychlíková.

Another highlight is Buddha in Africa, a story about the Malawian boy who is raised in the Buddhist orphanage where it becomes difficult to survive in such a strict lifestyle. Many guys, even after having finished their studies, return to the streets, where life is easier. However, those who stayed are given the opportunity to go to study for five years in Taiwan.

Angels on Diamond Street is a documentary about a community in a church on Diamond Street, Philadelphia. The church supports the local community with its free kitchen for anyone who needs help. Carmela and her four children, immigrants from Mexico are on the verge of deportation, and this church lends them a helping hand and invites them to stay. This is an inspiring story about how mercy and kindness bring people together.

Other English-friendly screenings such as The Happiest Man on Earth, Two Roads, Eye to Eye, and others are available as well.

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