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Bill to push waste separation to be debated today

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After a month to contemplate the issues at have the government comes back Monday to debate the increases and changes to the billing of garbage. The main discussion points are the billing options for garbage, in order to push more people to recycle.

The bill would come into effect in 2021, but environmentalists are against the option to delay garbage dump operations closer to 2030 from 2024. The basic charge for a ton of waist would rise from the current CZK 500 to CZK 1850 by 2030. There is also discussion of switching to a PAYT program, or Pay As You Throw. This would be a system based on either weight or volume or a combination of both for a fee.

There’s a slew of non-supporters. The Association of Industry and Transportation, Czech Association of Refuse Management, Association of Heating, Association of Small, Middle sized and Contract Employees, and environmentalists all have issues with the bill not covering the issue adequately. Either way, the prices will go up, there will be a push to recycle more and there will be less waste bins.

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