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Become Digital: You can’t talk to a piece of plastic

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How long has it been since you last checked your mobile phone? My guess is you answered: “Just a few minutes ago.”. If you did, you are not alone. People spend nearly a few hours a day on their mobile phones. Yes, they are with us everywhere we go. Our mobile phones have become a necessity. Insurance and assistance companies should take note.

Many people love to travel. With a plan or without, paper travel insurance cards help us during our trips. We are safe in mountains, on beaches, during adventures, or while relaxing with 24/7 travel assistance. Some paper or plastic health insurance cards can even be a mess. Information printed on them is too small to read.

And one day, we hit the road again and our tyre gets flat. Or our battery. Maybe our fuel tank is exhausted. Sometimes, things happen and we are just left out there. All right, not if we have a roadside assistance card – no matter if a plastic or paper one.

But, you can’t talk to a piece of plastic or paper, can you? People even often forget them home, right? What people don’t forget? Mobile phones. Quite simply, people are always on their mobile phones so you should be there, too. Virtually all Millenials are mobile users. And in general, people check their phones up to 200 times per day.

Intuitive Mobile Experience

You can turn a plastic health insurance or roadside assistance card and a paper travel insurance card into a dynamic relationship channel with content updates and custom push notifications. You can turn them into digital content for mobile wallets. And drop printing them on paper or plastic at the end of the day.

Such digital cards for mobile wallets can include texts and images, links to visuals, audio and video, and links to websites or social media. They let people take various actions in the real world after adding them to their mobile wallet. Once they are saved there, you can update your digital cards anytime.

Your customers will love having personalized, always-updated assistance cards at their fingertips at the exact moment they need them.

Adding my digital travel insurance card to Apple Wallet makes it easy to display my insurance information when getting care. Then I can quickly view key information about my insurance coverage plan (such as insurance policy number, validity) or read the details. I can view useful real-time news, updates, and notifications on my lock screen. And I can make a one-click call to the customer service hotline, report a claim, and provide feedback without searching for contact details.

Same with a digital health insurance card that doesn’t require detective skills to understand what is written on it. And that I can also download into my mobile wallet. Modern technology and design can make the overall healthcare experience clearer and more intuitive.

Last but not least, the digital roadside assistance card can help you in an emergency without the need for downloading another mobile app or remembering contact information.


Ladislav Poledna inspires readers to “Become Digital” by publishing materials about digital marketing in his Prague Monitor column and aptly named blog. He has built a career around developing successful customer relationships for the past two decades. At present, Ladislav manages the Power Solutions division of a Fortune 1000 company in Central and Eastern Europe and also oversees operations of the producer’s regional office in Prague. Recently, he co-founded a B-to-B software service company making mobile marketing affordable and easy to use. Ladislav’s philanthropic contribution consists of a long-term relationship with a charity focused on funding dreams for people with muscular dystrophy.
Mobile phones are long becoming the main “screen” in peoples’ lives. Mobile marketing is no longer an innovation but a part of important decisions. Read articles on mobile marketing to get inspired on how to connect with people where they spend a lot of their time. Become Digital.

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