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Sad news for kids in Česká Lípa

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The city of Česká Lípa has given up on building a childrens playground in a residential part of the city. The Deputy Major of the city Martin Broz (ANO) said that whenever there was work done to progress the childrens playground, a youth gang would totally destroy it by the next day. After several attempts, the city gave up.

According to the Chief of Police, Vladimír Jeník, the gangs are comprised mostly of children between 10 and 14, acting in groups of up to 30. Attempts to stop them were made in vain. The only possible way to catch them is to catch the gang in the act of destruction. That would require 24 hour surveillance, which the city cannot manage.

The irony is that there was not one witness which stepped forward out of the hundreds of residents in the densely populated neighbourhood. Surely many people must have witnessed the destruction including football goals and concrete table tennis infrastructure.

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