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A killer strategy for travel and destination services

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Why does every hotel, guesthouse, wellness center, tour and destination operator, or a VIP service provider need a mobile marketing strategy? Well, nowadays, about a third of the world’s population is engaged online using mobile phones. This pandemic helps a bit with this, too. By forcing people to adopt physical distancing … and digital solutions. It is important to align the interaction you have with your customers with this reality.

Mobile Engagement

You need a killer strategy that will get you the attention you deserve. To cut through the noise and drive real impact, businesses need to engage people where they are. People pick up or glance at their mobile phones up to 200 times a day. Including myself.

But did you know that to engage people with mobile you don’t have to develop a custom mobile app? Yes, you can save a lot of time and money by engaging people by mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

Don’t be mistaken. The mobile wallet is not just about payments. Beyond transactions, this service manages digital content such as guest stay passes, membership cards, destination info cards, coupons, tickets, and so much more. It needs much less memory on the mobile phone, and it does not need updates, maintenance, or service resources, unlike mobile apps. The mobile wallet allows for your deals, promotions, or discounts to appear as push notifications on the lock screen of your customers. And it allows for time- and location-sensitive experiences.

Recently, mobile wallet usage surged as people have turned to mobile payments. So why don’t you start to offer people your own branded digital content for their mobile wallets?

Guest Passes

Hotels and guesthouses might want to engage guests with the most direct communication. And deploy digital stay or guest passes allowing people to view details of the reservation, or view property details, important times, or entertainment options. And to access various features. People also can easily modify or cancel reservations, and provide feedback.

Membership Cards

Or let’s take all kinds of digital membership cards than can be used to reinforce your brand and make people keep coming back. Everyone wants to be a part of something, right? So whip your members into shape with digital membership cards for their mobile wallets. Since people don’t go out without their mobile phones, your customers will never ever lose your membership card and they can conveniently take them everywhere they go. Pulling your card out on their mobile phone at a counter makes people feel important and valued.

Local micro-breweries could call all beer lovers and offer them a digital brew club card. This membership card will help make people crave a cold beverage. I would love showing off my digital brew club card to friends and family giving the brewery a great exposure and helping get new customers in their door to try the amazing local beers.

And much more. Relaxing at the spa has never been easier with a digital spa membership card. Wine lovers can join a wine club giving members access to exclusive events, pre-release wines, and discounted products with their digital wine club membership card. And a digital gym membership card can have a scannable barcode for easy checking in.

Visitor Information Cards

Destination and tour operators, as another example, could offer people a digital destination or visitor information card. Or a group of hotels in the same area could put one together. And make it a new dynamic relationship channel with easy content updates and custom push notifications. People can view destination POIs (points of interest) and navigate to them, view destination important information, or make reservations.


Ladislav Poledna inspires readers to “Become Digital” by publishing materials about digital marketing in his Prague Monitor column and aptly named blog. He has built a career around developing successful customer relationships for the past two decades. At present, Ladislav manages the Power Solutions division of a Fortune 1000 company in Central and Eastern Europe and also oversees operations of the producer’s regional office in Prague. Recently, he co-founded a B-to-B software service company making mobile marketing affordable and easy to use. Ladislav’s philanthropic contribution consists of a long-term relationship with a charity focused on funding dreams for people with muscular dystrophy.
Mobile phones are long becoming the main “screen” in peoples’ lives. Mobile marketing is no longer an innovation but a part of important decisions. Read articles on mobile marketing to get inspired on how to connect with people where they spend a lot of their time. Become Digital.

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