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On Prague transportation

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“And then, there was the flood,” our correspondent said with growing annoyance, “I couldn’t even see the bottom! Only feet!” We all sighed with empathy. “Wait till Monday,” we said, “and they will open it again”. The topic of our discussion was, of course, the current interruption of the metro operation on the C line between the stations Pražského Povstání and Kačerov, and the inconveniences caused by that, primarily, in face of crowds of people trying to reach their workplaces in the morning peak hours.

“But why for the whole week?” the correspondent persisted. “I would have understood if they closed it for the weekend as they did earlier, but for the whole week… And the same story happened last year!” We could only nod, expressing our agreement.

The rant continued. “Why the red line and not the yellow one? Why – a week?” We tried to calm our correspondent down. “At least, there are substitute buses… Remember, the entrance to Karlovo Náměstí on the yellow line has been closed for a year… Remember, one of the green line platforms at Muzeum had been reconstructed for almost six months…” But he would not listen. 

“I need to find a home-based job.” 

With these words, the correspondent stormed out of the staff kitchen, and only luck prevented him from bumping into the chief editor, who was standing at the doorway, and whose approach, we, emerged in our conversation, failed to notice. The talks hushed, but alas – too late! – the chief editor heard every single word we said. Now it was his time to toss a coin into the discussion. 

“Be patient, my friends,” this wise man uttered, car keys jingling in his fingers. “Wait till they open it. Wait till they open all the closed stations. For when they open them, you will clearly see the difference brought by reconstruction.”

About the author:
Narmin is a literature student from Baku, Azerbaijan, for whom moving to the Czech Republic has become a great source for inspiration.

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