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Czech Republic changes to winter time this weekend

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The clock will be moved one hour back this Sunday, October 25, at 3:00, making the night one hour longer. The Czech Republic and most of the European countries are changing to wintertime. This time, the change will run until March 28.

Most of the electronic devices will be automatically adjusted. As for mechanical devices, don’t forget to change the time one hour back.

Next year, the time change can be canceled in the whole European Union. It’s still uncertain whether the countries will keep the wintertime or daylight saving system.

According to various surveys, most of the Czechs are against the time change and they wish to cancel it. The summertime was originally introduced to save energy. However, experts argue that time change has a mental and physical effect on health. They add that the wintertime is preferable for well-being.

According to psychologists, the autumn season switches mood to a depressive and melancholic one. The time change affects the mood, as well. “Add to this the impaired social mood due to the epidemiological situation… even a change of one hour will mean a significant burden,” psychologist Tomáš Morávek explained. He recommended physical movement, such as jogging, and getting enough sleep to maintain mental well-being.

Daylight saving time or simply summertime was introduced in Czech lands in 1915. Then, it returned during World War ll in 1940 and lasted for nine years. Since 1996, the Czech Republic has lived according to the standards of the European time. Currently, the time change applies in most European countries, in North America, and the Middle East.

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