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Czech News in English » Life » Arts » Moving on – Heyme about going solo and his new albums

Moving on – Heyme about going solo and his new albums

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Is this a story that could give you the courage to be anything that you want to be? Let me introduce you to interesting Prague-based artists and tell you their inspiring stories. Today, we’ll get acquainted with Heyme and his solo music career.

A master of improvisation and a multi-instrumentalist, Heyme spent the 90’s touring Europe with various bands, performing at festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, and opening for musicians such as Iggy Pop. In 2019, Heyme finally released his first solo album full of cosy sax tones and naked feelings. This year, he has prepared a new sensory experience for us.

What made Heyme?

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Heyme started his music career with a guitar On the streets of Antwerp. He eventually discovered the passion for improvisation with trumpet and saxophone in its cellars. “Playing instruments came very easy to me. I used a sax on stage two months after getting it.“

Heyme’s musical journey began in a small town near Amsterdam when he became a wee marching band recruit at the age of twelve. “I would have liked to play saxophone, but then I would have had to learn to play flute first. And the trumpet, I could get that right away.“

A few years later, his brother gave him an old guitar that he no longer used. Heyme sprayed it pink and learned to play it. That came in handy when his friends encouraged him to leave the Netherlands and travel a bit. “I couldn’t afford to go for a holiday, but they were like, man, just bring your guitar, you can play on the way.”

On the road

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Heyme was 23 years old when he grabbed his guitar and a sleeping bag, deciding to hitchhike to Antwerp. “The driver took me through the centre and dropped me off at the cathedral. A guy was playing there. He invited me to join him, and that was it.” Heyme never went back home.

Heyme made a living for eight years playing trumpet and sax with various bands and also guitar pop and rock covers on the streets and in bars throughout Europe. “I counted 300 songs that I knew off the top of my head. I still like playing those to this day.”

Heyme then took a musical break dedicated to raising a family. And in 2012, he moved to Poland only to re-discover his love for music a few years later in his attic. He climbed up there every Sunday to dive into the creative process until his first LP, Noise from the Attic, was born.

What’s Heyme up to?

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© Jamie Byrne

In his solo project, Heyme uses his improvisational background to bring unique freshness and authenticity to each song. He builds tracks by messing around with his loop station and improvising over riffs with various instruments. “I add stuff on top until I’m there. Once, someone called it art-rock.”

You can turn to Heyme’s albums if you need a little break from the mainstream. They are easy to listen to and make for cosy listening from the start to the end. “I create my albums as a whole, and all the songs must fit together,” he says.

Heyme’s tracks set you up for an atmospheric experience that will leave your universe in a perfect balance. This year, he’s releasing two completely different albums: a space excursion, Escape Velocity; and a lyrical breather, Moving On. Surrender to the jazzy vibes and let Heyme’s songs cover you like a blanket. 

Give It a Go!

Heyme’s Website




Originally published April 7, 2021 at Prague Actually.

About the author

I’m Teny. I write a blog about life and people in Prague, and I can also help you formulate your unique story. Find out more on my website Prague Actually.

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