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Agora – The return to Ancient Rituals

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Table of Contents

Searching of our target Greek restaurant, one begins to ponder if the location was not brilliantly designed specifically for the purpose of hosting this bright corner of happiness: Agora.

In ancient Greek the word means literally “gathering place” or “assembly.” The Agora was the center of the athletic, artistic, spiritual, and political life. An unassuming irony that it is located in the internal passage of the Burzovní palác, or Stock Exchange, which was the central gathering place of the bourgeois centuries later; which is located behind the Kotva Shopping center, a rare relic of a central shopping mall concept from the Socialist times.

As soon as one steps into the market entrance of the restaurant, a rush of familiarity passes through the body as memories of past trips to the Greek islands strikes the psyche. Oversized genuine olives, oils, cheeses and other Mediterranean products on display, imported straight from Greece, as fresh as can be. A shot of espresso and a quick bite at the entrance, or pass through to the bright interior of the multi-level terrace-like sitting area?

The sitting area is very pleasant as it has an outside feel due to the high ceiling, but guaranteed warmth. It makes a great place for “assembly” or tasting of genuine Greek dishes, cooked by a genuine Greek Chef, with genuine Greek ingredients. A fresh Greek salad or a simmering Moussaka? One cannot go wrong with pleasant smells and top ingredients coming from the kitchen. For cocktail lovers, the bartender combines Greek spirits and other ingredients, to make rare refreshing treats with otherwise difficult-to-combine elements.

Whether a quick lunch or a dinner with friends, Agora is a great place to meet, eat and relax. The kid’s play corner on the patio even keeps one’s children occupied while enjoying the break. So when dreaming of a getaway – remember, Agora is just around the corner, surrounded by all the other markets – no need to fly away for the weekend!

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