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Czech News in English » Life » Do it » Time to bargain

Time to bargain

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The tendency to accumulate things usually increases with age, but you don’t necessarily need to be a pensioner to find your flat stuffed with things you no longer need. If that’s your case, you may want to spend some time going through your old clothes, books, furniture or cheap bric-a-brac and bring them to the náměstí Míru square this Saturday 25 July, where the “first true flea market in the Czech Republic” is to take place, as the leaflet inviting to the event reads.

“I bought half of my flat’s furnishings at flea markets,” said Pavel Šik, one of the event’s organisers who lived 14 years in Germany. “Flea markets exist everywhere in Europe, especially to the west of our borders. It’s a common social event there,” Šik said explaining his motivation to hold a flea market in Prague.

Come for a chat
Šik, who is a business consultant by profession, aims to bring local people together. “An ordinary person gets a table, displays his things on it, maybe some books that he has been aiming to get rid off anyway for a long time, and has an entertainment for one afternoon. He can chat with people, make new acquaintances,” Šik said.

The only other similar market, which is, however, not a flea market in the right sense of the word, according to Šik, is the huge Kolbenka located close to Kolbenova metro station in Vysočany. “It’s a bazaar or general market where new things, car parts and cosmetics are sold,” Šik said. In contrast to Kolbenka, only second-hand stuff will be sold at the flea market at náměstí Míru, although organisers are also considering renting two to three stalls to young fashion and jewellery designers to help them promote their products.

Anyone can buy their selling space
Basically anyone can buy a selling space on the market and sell stuff they do not find useful any more. There are, of course, restrictions to what may be sold at the market – new goods, in general, food, flowers, pets, big electrical appliances, weapons, cosmetics, etc. are not permissible. On the other hand, used furniture, books, original CDs, porcelain, toys, bikes, clothes, antiques, paintings, etc. are welcome.

Prices for private sellers per one square meter per day start at CZK 140 if you make a reservation and pay by Friday, (or CZK 150 on Saturday before the market starts), and at CZK 210 for professional traders in second-hand goods (or CZK 220 on Saturday). If you have more stuff that you want to get rid off, you may want to rent a three-meter table for CZK 420 per day (CZK 630 for professional traders). Even children are invited to rent one meter of selling space (CZK 50 per day), provided they are accompanied by an adult. Organisers also collect a refundable deposit of CZK 250 to make sure that traders clean the selling spot after themselves. You can make a reservation here.

By 21 July, 25 traders, both ordinary people and professional sellers, had already bought their selling space for Saturday. Mostly bric-a-brac, antiques, retro clothes, things used in the household, and books will be sold, Šik said. The organiser also expects many traders to turn up only on Saturday morning, before the market kicks off.

The market will be held every fourth Saturday in month till October between 10am and 6pm. Whether you come as a shopper or decide to turn into a vendor, the flea market’s website recommendation may come in handy – bring your good mood and don’t forget that bargaining can be fun!

Flea market at náměstí Míru
More info in Czech at or brief info in English at

A link to the complete selling space price list in Czech:

Flea market at Kolbenova
Market at Kolbenova (every Sat and Sun from 6am till 1:30pm):

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