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Breakfast Brief – Friday 30 January 2009

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Table of Contents

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Havel released from hospital, returns home

Former President Václav Havel was released from Motol Hospital yesterday, 18 days after being admitted with pulmonary problems. Doctors said Havel’s condition was more serious than in his previous hospitalisations.

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Abbas to visit ČR next week

Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will arrive in Prague Monday for an official visit. Abbas was invited by the President Václav Klaus and will also meet with the Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek to discuss humanitarian aid.,, Právo 1

Bém disavows move to Brussels

Prague Mayor Pavel Bém said he has no interest in becoming a member of the European Commission, a post he characterised as “useless”. Bém was responding to a report in yesterday’s Hospodářské noviny that the Prague ODS chapter planned to nominate him to go to Brussels.

HN 3, Právo 2

Police: New law impacts drink-driving enforcement

Police expect to catch fewer drunken drivers this year due to the new law under which road accidents which cause less than CZK 100,000 in damage need not be reported to authorities. There 80 drink-related road fatalities in the country last year, more than double the 2007 total.

HN 5

LN: Year ticket for CZK 10,000 was hoax

Information published Tuesday on concerning an increase in the price for a yearlong Prague public transport ticket to CZK 10,000 was a hoax, Lidové noviny reports.

LN 5

Court to rule on banning extremist party

The Supreme Administrative Court is likely to rule in three weeks on the possible prohibition of far-right party Dělnická strana, which some experts allege is a front for various neo-Nazi organisations. Cabinet filed a proposal to ban Dělnická strana late last year.


New minister to tackle homophobia

Introducing his agenda yesterday, Michael Kocáb, the newly appointed minister for human rights and minority affairs, said he aims to check the spread of homophobia among young Czechs. Kocáb’s office is putting together a brochure on the subject aimed at youth. Other goals include passage of an anti-discrimination law and progress on Romani issues.

Medical chamber to participate in reform plans

New Health Minister Daniela Filipiová and Czech Medical Chamber President Milan Kubek reached an agreement yesterday on cooperating in preparation of healthcare reform bills.


Police launch gun amnesty

Czech Police have launched an amnesty programme under which people can turn over guns to authorities from 1 February to 31 July without further investigation and apply for proper permissions. Police will ascertain that the weapon belongs to the person who turned it in and that it has not been used in the commission of a crime.


Poll: Russia is ČR’s main security threat

Russia placed first in a December 2008 CVVM poll asking Czechs to name the biggest threat to national security. Russia was chosen by 17% of the approximately 1,150 respondents, up 7 points from 2006, when Iraq was considered the chief threat. Palestine and Germany were deemed least threatening.


Kumpera to retake Koloděje Chateau next month

Baroque Koloděje Chateau will be turned over to Vítězslav Kumpera in February, government spokesman Jakub Stadler confirmed. Kumpera won his restitution case on appeal at Prague City Court last October. The state confiscated the property from his grandfather, Antonín Kumpera, in 1948 under the Beneš Decrees, but the court ruled there was no evidence Kumpera had sympathised with the Nazi regime.

HN 5, Právo 5, ČTK


Cabinet eyes tax break on social insurance

As part of the cabinet’s programme to reduce growing unemployment, Labour Minister Petr Nečas wants to lower social insurance for low income workers by introducing tax deductions for employers. Hospodářské noviny estimates that the deduction will amount to several hundred crowns per worker, but the cabinet is still making final calculations.

HN 1, 2

Aktuálně.cz: Výstaviště blaze ruled accidental

Aktuálně.cz, quoting an unnamed police source, reports that the fire that destroyed the Industrial Palace at Prague’s Výstaviště last October was caused by a short circuit in one of the offices where spray products were stored, leading to an explosion. The source said the fire was accidental and there will be no prosecutions. Lidové noviny reports that Prague City Hall is taking steps to terminate its contract with Incheba, which now leases the Výstaviště grounds.

Aktuálně.cz, LN 5

Austria won’t lift labour restrictions until 2011

Visiting Prague yesterday, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said his country does not plan to lift labour restrictions on newer EU member states, including the Czech Republic, until 2011. Currently Czechs need a permit to work in Austria. Germany, Denmark and Belgium maintain similar restrictions.

LN 2

Svoboda cancels two EU funds tenders

Newly appointed Regional Development Minister Cyril Svoboda cancelled two tenders announced by his predecessor for a company to assist with the choice and management of the system monitoring the distribution of EU money. Svoboda said he wants no doubts about the tender being transparent. The tender was called one day before Christmas with an application deadline one day earlier than the shortest possible date.

HN 4, Právo 1

ČSSD economist: ČR ready for euro in 2015

Jiří Havel (ČSSD), former deputy PM for economics, told Hospodářské noviny that the Czech Republic will not be ready to adopt the euro before 2015 or 2016. Havel said the EU might stop accepting new members to the eurozone because the financial crisis is making it difficult for even current members to keep up with the Maastricht criteria.

HN 10

Prague is site of first Buddha-Bar hotel

The first hotel operated by international bar/restaurant chain Buddha-Bar opened yesterday in Prague’s Old Town. Company owner Raymond Visan said he is not concerned about the impact of the financial crisis on the venture, saying customers are getting more demanding when it comes to services and experience. The hotel is located in an Art Nouveau building reconstructed by investor CPI Group at a cost of CZK 350 million.

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Česká plynárenská to link to Austrian gas

Česká plynárenská plans to build a 100-kilometre pipeline that will connect its gas reservoir with the West-Austria-Gasleitung (WAG) pipeline. Construction is due to begin next year, finish in 2012 and cost almost CZK 1 billion.

HN 18

Škoda union chief expects another production cut

Škoda Auto trade union leader Jaroslav Povšík says the company will stop production for one week in February. Povšík says the break will affect the Superb model and deepen the crisis concerning the Roomster. Škoda has been producing only four days a week in 2009. The company’s board will meet today.

Railway association suing over aid to ČD

Radim Jančura, head of bus operator Student Agency, has prepared a lawsuit against the Czech state in the name of the Association of Railway Companies (SŽS) alleging unlawful aid to Czech Railways (ČD). The state paid CZK 12 billion to ČD for assets the company had transferred to the Railway Infrastructure Administration. SŽS is demanding that ČD return the money to the state.

HN 15, 18

J&T to sell 40% to PPF

As part of a reorganisation, investment group J&T is planning to sell some of its assets to the PPF group. Both companies will own 40% stakes in the new holding. The remaining 20% will be held by J&T manager Daniel Křetínský, who will manage the new organisation. PPF will pay CZK 6 billion for the shares.

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U:fon reaches 100,000 customers

The company MobilKom, operating the U:fon mobile phone network, attracted 100,000 customers in its first year and a half of operation. Voice services are used by 65,000 customers and data services by 35,000. U:fon currently covers 84% of the population while its competitors cover 99%.


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