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PM Sobotka: EU should speed up decision-making

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Tallinn, Sept 29 (CTK correspondents) – EU leaders agreed at their informal dinner before the summit in Tallinn that the EU should speed up its decision-making as it is too slow in some affairs, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka told journalists on Friday.

None of EU representatives want to change the basic treaties of the EU, Sobotka said.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk should present the proposals with which to improve communication and accelerate the process of arriving at an agreement, he added.

The present mechanism of summits and meetings of European ministers is slow and bureaucratic and consensus can only be found within months, Sobotka said.

“We should be moving forward faster, finding solutions faster,” Sobotka said.

The basic treaties which define the decision-making rules in the EU bodies should not be changed, Sobotka said, adding that the EU leaders agreed on this.

However, there should be an informal channel for communication in order to discuss the affairs faster and to be moved forward.

“People expect us to deal faster with the problems that relate to security, migration policy or the question of rising the living standards and salaries in Europe,” Sobotka said.

Tusk should prepare the proposals to improve communication in a few months in order to discuss the affair at the October EU summit in Brussels.

Sobotka said the multispeed EU was becoming reality.

“It is vital that the move forward, intensified cooperation of some countries, should never mean the establishment of some closed clubs,” he added.

“In the future, all forms of greater integration or intensified cooperation should remain open for all EU members so that they could join individual forms of intensified cooperation any time,” Sobotka said.

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