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Zeman: EU stupid policy to blame for Brexit

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Caslav, Central Bohemia, April 6 (CTK) – Stupid and incompetent policy of the EU leadership is to blame for Britain’s leaving the EU, President Milos Zeman said on Thursday.

The EU should focus on the affairs in which it is irreplaceable such as the protection of the EU outer border against Islamic migrants who are flowing to Europe and will keep doing so for years, Zeman said.

“I am an advocate of the EU idea as this is a big and beautiful dream,” Zeman said.

“I am sad at the dream being harmed by the stupid and incompetent policy of the current EU leadership,” he added.

“The policy is based on issuing tens of quite absurd directives that should remain within the power of national governments and parliaments,” Zeman said.

He cited as an example the directive restricting the maximum energy output of vacuum cleaners in order to save energy.

“Since a vacuum cleaner with a weak energy output does not properly clean a carpet, you have to do so twice long. As a result, the energy consumption is higher than if you did so with a strong vacuum cleaner,” Zeman said.

“This may be understood by the ordinary people, but not by a Brussels official,” he added.

He also criticised the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)

Zeman said the EU did not have any efficient protection of its outer border.

“Frontex has 15,000 members. The mayor of Vienna told me that Vienna has over 15,000 police officers. Frontex is nothing but a tiny operette army, nothing more,” Zeman said.

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