Krynica, Poland, Sept 6 (CTK special correspondent) – The Visegrad Group (V4) countries or the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia want to proceed unanimously at the summit on the EU future to be held in Bratislava next week, their prime ministers agreed.

Leaders of the EU 27, that is except for Britain, will meet in the capital of Slovakia, holding the six-month EU presidency, to debate a further course of the EU in reaction to the Brexit referendum.

“We want to have a joint position there. V4 is a great entity with big ambitions and potential,” Polish PM Beata Szydlo told reporters.

The EU should be developing and approaching citizens, the V4 PMs agreed.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said in this connection that the EU must propose particular measures and present “concrete results that citizens will feel.”

Sobotka also pointed out a possible establishment of a joint European military, which he is promoting.

Slovak PM Robert Fico said he hoped the EU diagnosis would be set and the formulas how to solve it would be found in Bratislava.

“I believe that a very important process will be launched at the summit, which I would like to call the Bratislava process,” Fico said.

The V4 heads of government also said the EU must learn a lesson from its mistakes.

“The EU is rich, yet weak,” Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said.

On the one hand, the EU is attractive for migrants, but on the other, it is unable to defend itself against their uncontrolled flow, he argued.

Szydlo criticised the EC over its stance on migration and its proposals based on obligatory refugee quotas.

“The Commission should not deal with politics, but it should focus on the agenda assigned to it by European treaties,” she said, adding that the V4 stance on migration has not changed.