Moscow, Feb 16 (CTK) – The creation of a European military to protect the EU external border and deportation of economic migrants are the main steps with which to deal with the current migrant crisis in Europe, Czech President Milos Zeman told the Russian news agency TASS on Tuesday.

So far, the EU has not ensured the protection of its border, Zeman said.

“This is a a tremendous mistake,” Zeman said.

The fight against Islamic terrorism accounts for 99 percent of the fight against terrorism, he added.

It demands cooperation and coordination of actions, Zeman said.

The formation of a “European military” to protect the outer border of the Schengen Area or of the whole EU is the first step, he added.

Deportations are the second step in the resolution of the migrant crisis, Zeman said.

“Not only economic migrants, but all those implicated in the preparation of terrorist attacks must be deported,” he added.

“This is an unpleasant, but necessary affair,” Zeman said.

Zeman said he did not condemn the deployment of the Russian air force in Syria.

Western countries are of the view that Moscow is attacking not only Islamic State, but also the forces of the moderate opposition in Syria.

“If the Syrian legal government wanted the help, why should it not be provided?” Zeman said, when asked to evaluate the operations of the Russian military in Syria by TASS.

There is hardly any democratic opposition in Syria, Zeman said.

“The fight against the democratic opposition, this is the fight against Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, the group An-Nusra and other terrorist organisations,” he added.

“Unfortunately, there is almost no democratic opposition in Syria, there is only terrorist opposition,” Zeman said.

Zeman said he did not consider the EU’s possible dependence on Russian gas any threat.

“In Norway, gas is mined, too, but I cannot see any threat arising from the Norwegian gas,” Zeman said.

“Why should any threat arise from the Russian gas? It could only arise if the price of the Russian gas were too high. Yes, this would be an economic threat,” Zeman said.