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Eurobarometer: Czechs among eurosceptical nations

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Brussels, May 23 (CTK) – Czechs are among the eurosceptical nations within the EU since 46 percent of them believe that EU membership is neither good nor bad, according to a poll conducted by the Eurobarometer in April and released on Wednesday.

At the same time 62 percent of Czechs share the view that the Czech Republic benefits from EU membership.

In general, the satisfaction with EU membership is on the rise in the EU. In all, 60 percent of the EU population is for it.

The proportion of those considering the EU membership beneficial to their country has crossed two-thirds, being the highest since 1983 when the poll was held for the first time.

The poll examined the views of the 28 EU countries.

The next election to the European Parliament is scheduled for May 2019. On the European level, one-third of people know the election will be held, but it is only one-quarter in the Czech Republic.

The interest in the vote is very small in the Czech Republic. Only 21 percent of Czechs are ready to take part in it, while the European average is almost 50 percent.

In general, the population of the EU believes that the introduction of the Spitzenkandidaten (leaders of the lists of candidates of individual European parties) from which a new head of the European Commission should arise is a positive affair.

Almost one-half of the EU population and 44 percent of Czechs say this has increased the likelihood that they will go to the polling stations.

When it comes to the topics considered of major importance for the European election, 49 percent of EU people cited the fight against terrorism, 48 percent the unemployment of the youth, 45 percent the topics associated with migration and 42 percent economic growth.

For Czechs, the security topic is more important since 55 percent of them consider the fight against terrorism the major topic, 53 percent migration and 51 percent the protection of the EU outer border.

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