Davos, Switzerland, Jan 25 (CTK correspondent) – The EU should protect its outer border and deal with conflicts in its vicinity before they become a security threat to the citizens of its members, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said at the World Economic Forum on Thursday.

The EU should also intensify the freedoms of internal market as the main sources of its prosperity.

Instead of strengthening its position, Europe was squabbling over trifles recently, Babis said.

The EU must adopt its crucial decisions unanimously on the level of prime ministers, he added.

Babis spoke at the panel Creating a Joint Vision for the EU.

He warned that the EU was starting to forget why it had been formed, which meant to guarantee the peace and prosperity of its citizens.

Recently, there has been a push for integration, while it is not known why and where it should be heading, Babis said, adding that if Europe was to be strong, it had to be patient.

Rash decisions may not benefit Europe. If anything, they can pose a risk, Babis said.

European citizens must know where Europe is heading. They must be convinced to agree with this direction. Unfortunately, this is not taking place, Babis said.

He welcomed the idea of French President Emmanuel Macron about civic forums with a focus on EU future.

There should be a discussion with the citizens, Babis said, adding that the Czech Republic could rely on its long-term civic and social dialogue.

The EU cannot create any stable communication channels with its citizens without a contribution of its member states. The EU cannot have any legitimacy without the member states, this is reality, he said.

Europe must be strong and united, focusing on the preservation and development of what it had already achieved, Babis said.

He said the question of migrant quotas had been dividing EU members for two years.

If all the countries accepted the migrants according to the quotas, this would only resolve 2 percent of the migrant pressure. It is foolish to risk the European project over the 2 percent, he added.

The EU must be able to define and maintain a clear strategy. Thanks to it, it will be determined and efficient. The European Council was created exactly for such purposes. Time should not be wasted by trifles, Babis said.