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Two-thirds of Czech university students earn some money

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Prague, Feb 29 (CTK) – Two-thirds of Czech university and college students or 67 percent earn some money on the side to cover their living costs during their studies, daily Pravo wrote on Monday, referring to a poll conducted by the Student magazine.

However, the monthly income, including a regular wage, some extra earnings or pocket money, of 70 percent of students is under 9,000 crowns, Pravo adds.

Besides, for 49 percent of students, the major sources of income are their parents.

The students, who work at the same time, most often spend from ten to 20 hours a week at work (25 percent). Twenty percent of them spend less than ten hours at work weekly and 13 percent work half-time or more.

“In the past few years, we have monitored a noticeable rise in the number of students with some practice,” Marketa Parackova, editor-in-chief of the Student magazine, told Pravo.

She added that this would considerably help them seek jobs after graduation since most employers preferred people with practice and were not willing to employ unexperienced fresh graduates.

More and more employers have also started to focus on students within their recruitment campaigns and offer them a number of programmes, temporary jobs and stints, she added.

University students usually live with their parents (29 percent) to save some money or share accommodation with other flatmates, Pravo says.

Yet the number of students who keep staying in the “mamma-hotels” letting their parents look after them for long, Parackova said.

The poll also shows that over 70 percent of Czech university students have some 3,000 crowns a month, but almost 84 percent of students put aside some money either regularly or irregularly.

One-third of students (35 percent) spend most of their extra money on entertainment, such as concerts, cinema and parties, followed by hobbies (21 precent), clothing (20 percent) and travelling (18 percent).

This share is quite low, in view of the fact that most students say they intend to live abroad at least for some time.

Czechs are well aware of that they must have their lives firmly in hand, including the choice of their life partners as soon as possible, Parackova said.

This is also reflected in an absolute majority of university students being engaged, she told Pravo.

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