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Quarter of Czechs to spend holiday at home over terrorism

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Prague, June 30 (CTK) – One-quarter of Czechs, who originally planned to go abroad in the summer, will spend their holiday in the Czech Republic for fear of terrorism, according to a poll conducted by the STEM/MARK agency for an insurance company and released in daily Pravo on Thursday.

Czechs are no longer interested in the previously popular resorts in North Africa, such as in Tunisia and Egypt, and they seek safer destinations.

Only five in 100 people plan to travel to the countries that are not considered safe, the STEM/MARK poll shows.

The least popular destinations are Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and France for fear of terrorism, Pravo writes.

Czechs who plan to spend their holiday abroad will most often travel to Croatia (about one-quarter of respondents), followed by the neighbouring Slovakia (under 20 percent). Other popular destinations are Italy (15 percent), Spain (14 percent) and Greece (12 percent).

Over two-fifths of people consider terrorist attacks the most serious danger abroad, Pravo writes.

Moreover, Czechs are concerned about contacts with refugees. One-third of respondents consider them a security problem, Pravo says.

Some 16 percent of respondents definitely plan to spend holiday abroad, while another 16 percent are hesitating between travelling abroad or staying in the Czech Republic, the paper adds.

The poll also shows that more than four-fifths of Czechs consider insurance for the case of terrorism important if they travel to dangerous countries.

Yet, more than a half are sceptical about it and they do not expect a travel insurance to cover terrorist attack consequences. However, they are wrong since almost all insurance companies include the risk of terrorism in their standard policy, Pravo writes.

Naturally, they cover the damage and treatment costs connected with a terrorist attack only for the victims and not the initiators, and the contract usually does not apply to highly dangerous destinations.

The insurance does not cover the damage incurred during a trip to the territory that the Czech Foreign Ministry has declared as an area with an increased security risk, Renata Capkova, from the Czech Entrepreneurs’ Insurance Company, told Pravo.

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