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Number of mass event’s participants will be significantly lowered

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Roman Prymula, the new Minister of Health, announced during Wednesday’s meeting that the number of participants in mass events will be limited to a maximum of 10 indoors and 20 outdoors. Effective on Monday, the new rule will aim at slowing down the spread of COVID-19 in Czechia.

The government has already agreed to introduce the state of emergency starting on the 5th October, which bans mass events and forces schools to shut down. This and the current rule concerning the number of participants will have certain exceptions – for example, theatres and cinemas should expect to continue functioning as usual. In the same way, sports events and some musical concerts will go as planned but spectators will not be allowed. Large concerts and competitions with high numbers of participants will be cancelled.

Prymula justified the necessity for introducing such measures by saying that the Czech Republic faces a “dismal epidemiological situation”. Otherwise, according to him, the country will face the danger of overwhelming the hospitals by the end of October. Such conclusion is supported by the COVID-19 stats: 400 doctors and 700 nurses are currently infected across the country.

The Czech Republic currently has 34,821 active cases. 33,443 have recovered from the virus, 655 died and 202 are in a critical/serious condition. The daily increase in the Czech Republic averages around 1,000 news cases.

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