Prague, Oct 31 (CTK) – The Czech Chamber of Deputies’ commission of investigation into the controversial police reform is investigating everything and nothing, Justice Minister Robert Pelikan (ANO) said after he was questioned by lawmakers on Monday.

He said the doubts which have accompanied the changes to the police structure have not been dispelled to date.

The commission invited Pelikan because he threatened with resignation if the reform goes ahead, but he did not leave the post when the reshuffle was carried out.

“First, I would like to state that I never said I will resign, but I said if the reform is carried out, I will consider whether it is meaningful that I stay in the post,” Pelikan said, adding that it is meaningful.

Pelikan has not supported the creation of the commission of investigation into the reform, which was set up to look into the merger of the police anti-mafia and anti-corruption squads in August, since the very beginning.

“When the commission was being created, I said its assignment is so wide that I am afraid that the commission will be investigating everything and nothing. Now, I have the feeling that this is quite so,” Pelikan said on Monday.

He said the lawmakers put him general questions. “We repeated my assessment of all events. I do not think I could cast light on the developments and I did not probably do so,” Pelikan said.

He said the doubts that accompanied the police reorganisation have not been and even could not be dissipated.

Pelikan said he has unofficial information from the new body which was formed by the merger, the National Centre against Organised Crime (NCOZ), that the police have lost their drive.

He said the unofficial statements by individuals indicate that they are dissatisfied with the new management.

The commission heard former interior minister Karel Pecina this morning.

It questioned Tomas Ulicny, former director of the Olomouc branch of the General Inspection of Security Corps (GIBS). He featured as a witness in the Vidkun corruption case in Olomouc, north Moravia.

On Tuesday, the hearing of former anti-mafia squad detective Jiri Komarek will continue.

The police reshuffle caused a rift between the government Social Democrats (CSSD) and the ANO movement and it was criticised by some state attorneys.

The commission is to complete its work by the end of January.