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Czech News in English » News » National » Czechs say venue of Syrian cease-fire signature not important

Czechs say venue of Syrian cease-fire signature not important

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Prague, Dec 1 (CTK) – Czech politicians addressed by CTK said on Tuesday it is not essential where a possible Syrian cease-fire treaty will be signed, but it is important that such an agreement be reached at all.

They reacted to the statement by Syrian President Bashar Assad for the public Czech Television (CT), in which he did not rule out that the possible agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition could be signed in Prague.

The Czech Foreign Ministry said it would welcome it if the treaty were signed in Prague, spokeswoman Ivana Valentova said, but added that it is too early to consider the venue of the signature.

“In view of that no agreement has been concluded yet, we believe it premature to consider where and when it would be signed. If it happened in Prague, we would naturally welcome it,” Valentova said.

She would not comment on whether the ministry is working for the agreement to be signed in Prague.

Pavel Telicka, MEP for the ruling ANO movement, said it practically does not matter where the agreement would be signed.

“I consider it rather absurd to think about where the agreement would be signed,” Telicka texted to CTK.

He said he considers it more important that the situation in Syria should calm down as soon as possible, also with the Czech Republic´s contribution.

Petr Fiala, chairman of the opposition Civic Democrats (ODS), and Marek Zenisek, new first deputy chairman of the opposition conservative TOP 09, echoed the opinion.

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