Brno, March 1 (CTK) – Shahram Abdullah Zadeh, an Iranian with Czech citizenship prosecuted over extensive tax evasion, filed a criminal complaint on Tuesday against his prosecutor Jiri Kadlec because of suspected bullying, he told the commercial television Prima.

One month ago, Zadeh was released from pre-trial detention in which he spent 22 months after paying 150 million crowns, the highest bail ever set by a Czech court. But the Czech police arrested Zadeh immediately after his release again, based on an international arrest warrant issued by Iran. The court definitively released Zadeh three days afterwards.

Prima reported that Kadlec rejected Iran’s request for the extradition of Zadeh in May 2015.

“This is clearly abuse of power. I want it to be checked,” Zadeh told Prima.

Zadeh’s lawyer Pavel Capcuch said previously that the Czech state attorneys could have dealt with the Iranian extradition request in the past 11 months when Zadeh was in custody.

Zadeh is suspected of tax evasion in the Czech Republic in which he, along with 15 accomplices, caused the state damage worth 2.5 billion crowns. They imported fuels to the Czech Republic through 65 firms from Germany and Slovenia.

Zadeh has denied any wrongdoing. He faces up to 13 years in prison if found guilty.

The trial will start in Brno on March 8.