Prague, June 1 (CTK) – Nearly two million children live in the Czech Republic that has more than 10.5 million inhabitants, according to the data that the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) released on the occasion of International Children’s Day yesterday.

The highest number of children were born in 2008. Also thanks to this, the group of children aged from five to nine years is the largest (592,000). The group of children under the age of five is only slightly smaller. Children aged between 15 and 18 years are the smallest group.

Last year, 56,817 boys and 53,947 girls were born in the country. The most frequent names the parents gave them were Jakub and Eliska.

In general, women prevail over men in the population, however.

More than 367,000 Czech children attended kindergartens, 880,000 children attended elementary schools and about 406,000 were secondary school students.

According to a survey carried out in cooperation with the Education Ministry in 2015, physical education is the most popular school subject among students. The students also like English, mathematics and computing lessons.

When asked what profession they would choose, the children mostly said they wanted to be a vet, a teacher, a cook, a police officer and a doctor.

Children in the Czech Republic in 2015:
Age group Number of children
0 – 4 years 550,194
5 – 9 years 591,957
10 – 14 years 481,565
15 – 18 years 364,651
IN TOTAL 1,988,367

Source: CSU