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Právo: Seniors present their experience on unique web

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Prague, June 1 (CTK) – Czech seniors present their life stories, opinions and experience in video interviews on a unique website the Theological Faculty in Olomouc, north Moravia, has launched with the aim to activate the elderly generation and help younger people understand it, daily Pravo writes on Wednesday.

Within the project, which is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, several dozens of people over 65 were interviewed by pollsters from the Institute of Social Health (OUSHI).

“Our goal is the activation of seniors, which is an important topic in the present ageing society. Another goal is to influence the public opinion about people in their high age, and also the old generation’s attitudes in favour of an active and healthy lifestyle,” the daily quotes Peter Tavel, OUSHI head and dean of the Theological Faculty, as saying.

The project surveys more than 50 seniors living in various conditions, with different experience, education and views of life and it presents video or audio recordings of their responses, the paper writes.

The visitors to the website can acquaint themselves with what the respondents say about their age, relations, health, activities and future, on what their retirement has meant to them and what messages they want to address to the younger generations, Pravo writes.

“We often asked the seniors what makes them happy. It turned out that many of them are very active and that the stereotypical idea of an old person permanently staying home is wrong. The presented responses show that the situation may be different,” said Lucie Kluzova-Kracmarova, from the team of pollsters.

She said the website may motivate seniors who have health problems or who feel lonely. They can see the stories of people with troubles similar to theirs and the ways these people tackle the troubles. They need to know that other people, too, find themselves in similar situations.

The interviews presented by the web platform are made based on scientific methods and strict ethical rules, the daily writes.

“People can find a lot of information about high age and health on the Internet, but these views are often unilateral and not objective. The scientific analysis to which the [new project’s] interviews were subjected, enabled to present a complex, undistorted information on all aspects of elderly people’s feelings and lives,” Kluzova-Kracmarova said.

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