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Amendment to law on professional soldiers takes effect

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Prague, July 1 (CTK) – An amendment to the law on professional soldiers changing mainly the system of remuneration of the armed forces members takes effect in the Czech Republic Wednesday.

It introduces the career order and puts pay conditions on a juster level.

The amendment interconnects the post in the military with the rank and the service salary as is usual in many NATO countries.

It introduces a more predictable career advancement and it is to suppress subjective influences in setting soldiers’ salaries.

The old system gave big opportunities to the superiors in this respect.

Up to 1500 soldiers will be paid a stabilisation bonus that is to keep them in the positions for which the military trained them at a high cost.

The bonus will be from 9000 to 21,000 crowns monthly, while the highest will go to the chief of staff and the NATO Military Committee chairman.

The amendment started to take shape during the government of Petr Necas (Civic Democrats, ODS) in office in 2010-13. It aims to keep quality soldiers in the armed forces and to offer a sufficient motivation in recruiting new solders.

The military is strongly understaffed officials say.

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