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Václav Havel Airport opens a cybersecurity center

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Václav Havel Airport operators announced a new system aimed at preventing cyberattacks on the airport’s system, as well as misuse of passenger’s information.

According to Passenger Terminal Today, the airport’s new Cyber Security Operational Center (CSOC) performs complete monitoring of internal systems and all operations within it to detect possible threats and ensure an immediate response. This is set to be one of the most technically advanced and modern cybersecurity workplaces in the Czech Republic.

Prague Airport invests 1.5 million Euros every year for the protection of its essential information systems, including the purchase and operation of technology and hiring of inner personnel.

While COVID breakdown has significantly lowered the overall amount of commercial flights from Václav Havel Airport, in 2019 it broke a record with 17,8 million handled passengers with more than 49,000 passengers per day on average, according to Aviation Pros. Approximately one million more passengers passed through the airport in 2019 than in 2018. These numbers were expected to continue growing in 2020.

According to Radio Prague International, in August of 2020, Václav Havel Airport saw an 88 percent drop in traffic due to the pandemic and governmental counter-measures, started on March 12, including a country-wide lockdown. However, the traffic of cargo planes has largely increased, primarily in connection to the transportation of medical equipment. The state of emergency declared this Wednesday will most likely preserve the drop in traffic.

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