Prague, Nov 1 (CTK) – The Czech police have released an application at at which people can find locations where illegal metamphetamine (pervitin) laboratories and hemp growing facilities were uncovered, National Drug Centre head Jakub Frydrych said on Tuesday.

He said around 250 laboratories and about 220 growing facilities are exposed annually. They may pose risk to the health of people living in the surroundings, which is the reason why the map was launched.

The police want to warn people of the health and also economic impacts of the production of narcotic and psychotropic substances, Deputy Police President Milan Cernek said.

In the production of metamphetamine, many dangerous gases and aerosols are produced. They can spread through the apartment house in which the lab is situated through joint areas and ventilation equipment.

They contaminate plaster, wastes as well as all equipment of the other flats in the house. The toxic by-products spread into sewerage and ground water.

The hemp growing facilities are dangerous because of the toxic exhalations. Inexpertly adjusted wiring may cause fire and the stability of the house may be affected by construction works and the chemical substances used in hemp growing.

The application goes down to the level of villages. With a one-month delay, it is possible to find out how many labs and growing facilities were uncovered in the given municipality during the past 12 months. Large towns will be divided into districts.

Cernek said the owners of the real estate they lease should be responsible for the decontamination of their property, which is arduous.