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Czech News in English » News » National » Právo: Czechs still suffer from heavily polluted air

Právo: Czechs still suffer from heavily polluted air

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Prague, Dec 1 (CTK) – More than a half of the 10.5 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic still live in the areas with exceeded limits of carcinogenic substances in the air though the greenhouse gas emissions have been cut immensely in the past few years, daily Pravo wrote Tuesday.

According to experts, thousands of people annually die of the consequences of air pollution in the country.

Though the amount of emissions leaking from the industry has decreased since the collapse of the communist regime, the air pollution caused by transport and households is rising, Pravo adds.

“The positive trend of the past years has stopped, even though the negative effect of the national economy is decreasing. The cause is the rising consumption of households,” the paper writes referring to the Environment Ministry´s Report on the Environment in 2014.

Though the number of declared smog situations decreased in 2014, one-quarter of the population was exposed to the concentrations of suspended particles above the limit. They might be the cause of death of almost 6000 inhabitants a year, the report says.

Since 1990, the total emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants have been decreasing in the country and the Czech Republic meets the international commitments in this respect. However, the overall quality of the air Czechs are breathing has not much improved eventually, Pravo writes.

It adds that the EU 28 has cut the greenhouse gas emissions by 19.2 percent in 1990-2012. In the Czech Republic, they dropped by 33 percent in this period. However, the emission level in the country is still above the average in the EU if counted per capita.

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