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Parliament approves Montenegro’s accession to NATO

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Prague, Dec 1 (CTK) – The Czech Chamber of Deputies approved the Protocol on the Accession of Montenegro to NATO on Thursday, and only lawmakers for the opposition Communist Party (KSCM) voted against it.

The other house of Czech parliament, the Senate, approved the protocol in October.
The Czech Republic strongly supports Montenegro’s effort to join not only NATO but also the European Union, Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek (Social Democrats, CSSD) said.

He said Montenegro seems well prepared for the joining of Allied structures. He added that the country has been taking part in the Afghan mission for some time.

“Montenegro has clearly made the biggest progress,” Zaoralek said.
Communist lawmaker Leo Luzar warned against the integration of Montenegro in NATO because it was “an instable territory.”
“NATO membership will bring Montenegro only an imaginary sense of security,” he said.
Luzar labelled NATO a relic of the Cold War.

However, no other party in parliament joined this criticism.
“We have been trying to stabilise the Western Balkans,” lawmaker Ivan Gabal (Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) said.
The accession protocol was signed by representatives of Montenegro and NATO member countries in Brussels in May 2016. This launched the ratification processes in the 28 allied countries. Once they are completed, Montenegro will become the 29th member.

At present, Montenegrin representatives can participate in all NATO meetings in the role of observers.
Montenegro will be the first country to enter NATO after the accession of Croatia and Albania in 2009.

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