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Electronic workers compensation “e-neschopenka” launched successfully on January 1s

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Next time you go to the doctor’s and are considered not able to go to work, there will be no need to be running around with paperwork. Czechia launched its electronic workers compensation system on January 1st and things are working without any major issues.

As always there are a few doctors who are boycotting the process, others want compensation for having to use the electronic workers compensation system, and some programmed the software incorrectly, but in general a big success. The Minister of Labour Jana Malachova (CSSD) confirmed that all systems are functioning according to plan. There is the issue with the Doctors in the Zlin area which are boycotting and still writing paper receipts, but they can now be fined CZK 10,000 for doing so. Malachova also explained that although one does not need to go anywhere with any paper, informing your employer that you are not coming to work is still the employee’s responsibility.

According to the Minister there were 274 electronic claims received on January 1st. Then during the first hours of Thursday the number rose to 3000; by 10:00am the number rose to 4000. The Director of the Czech Social Security Administration Frantisek Bohachek confirmed that the numbers being processed or equal to the normal claims being entered, so it represents the system as a whole functioning.

Doctor’s reported that patients were surprised by the new system and its functionality. Naturally there were some issues that need to be detailed, but in general many doctors reported that the system worked better than expected. Digitalization moves forward.

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