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Police raid pub in Pardubice, find guests inside despite ban

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On Friday evening, the police discovered a secret pub in the Czech city of Pardubice which remained open despite the quarantine measures ordering all food facilities to work strictly for takeaways and until 8pm.

“We had information that the restaurant facility in Dukla has been in operation for a long time, so we checked the situation on Friday after 8 pm,” said Jiří Sejkora, a spokesman for the Pardubice city police, reports.

The restaurant looked like it was closed from the outside – windows were sealed, passages to the terrasse and the entering doors were covered with blankets. Guests were actually entering through the hostel – to enter, a guest had to ring the phone number meant for taking delivery orders.

Upon entrance, the police officers heard loud music. Eight people tried to escape leaving cigarettes and unfinished alcohol behind. They all tested positive for alcohol when stopped. Later, the owner tried to suggest that everyone who was present lives in the hostel since the law doesn’t prohibit the functioning of facilities inside the hotels.

However, the document check showed that all guests live in the nearby houses. The case will be sent to authorities for further investigation regarding the restaurant owner violating at least three measures – serving the guests on-spot, gathering with more than six people and being open after 8pm.


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