Prague, July 3 (CTK) – The trust in President Milos Zeman rose in June after a serious fall in May, while the trust in the government slightly rose, according to a poll conducted by the CVVM polling institute and released on Monday.

As usual, mayors and local town halls are enjoying the biggest trust.

In June, Zeman was trusted by 48 percent of the respondents, which was 7 percent more than a month ago.

The mistrust of Zeman fell from 56 percent to 50 percent.

The previous steep decline in trust in Zeman by 14 percent between April and May was connected with the government crisis at that time, the pollsters said.

“The changes in trust in other institutions oscillated within the margin of error,” the pollsters said.

The government crisis, during which Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) sacked Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO), caused a fall in the trust in the government to 17 percent, but it rose to 26 percent by June.

Last month, the government was mistrusted by 71 percent of Czechs, which was 3 percent less than a month ago.

Some 12 percent of Czechs are satisfied with the political situation. This was 2 percent more than in May, when the worst result was scored since the end of 2013.

The proportion of those dissatisfied with the political situation fell from 67 percent to 59 percent.