Prague, Feb 4 (CTK) – The Czech Republic wants to join the court proceedings in Norway about two boys taken from their Czech mother Eva Michalakova in a written form and a court has already permitted its participation, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Michaela Lagronova told CTK on Thursday.

On February 24-26, a Norwegian court is to deal with Michalakova’s appeal against the Norwegian authorities’ decision to strip her of parental responsibility towards her sons and to have the younger boy adopted.

The government approved the Czech Republic’s joining the trial in Norway on Wednesday.

The Czech Republic wants to use a written submission that will sum up why the Czech side considers Norway’s steps wrong.

The document in Norwegian will be submitted by a government commissioner, Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek by Friday.

Smolek has been the government commissioner for the Czech Republic’s representation at the EU court since 2008.

In Norway, a written submission can be submitted in the public interest. This can be done by foundations and authorities.

It will become a part of the file and the court takes it into consideration when deciding.

It is not yet clear whether the Norwegian court will recognise the Czech notice.

“This is a precedent. We do not know how the court will react,” Lagronova said.

However, a representative of the Czech embassy will be present at the trial irrespective of whether the Czech submission will succeed.

The document is to highlight the violation of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and an “inadequate decision” by the Norwegian authorities. It argues that the mother was denied the right to see her children although she wanted to.

The Michalak brothers, Denis (born in 2005) and David (born in 2008) were taken away from Michalakova on suspicion of abuse and neglect in May 2011. The boys were placed into two different Norwegian foster families. Though the suspicion was not proved, the court considered the findings so serious as to put the boys in foster care.

Last autumn, the Norwegian authorities decided to strip Michalakova of her parental rights and put the younger boy up for adoption.

Both boys were born in Norway and their mother also lives there.

The Norwegian embassy and authorities have declined to comment on the case.