Prague, Feb 4 (CTK) – Registered partnership was concluded by 2,174 couples by the end of last year, according to the statistics released by activist Milda Slehofer on Thursday.

Gays are more interested in the vital step than by lesbians. Registered partnership had been concluded by 1439 male couples and 735 female couples, Slehofer said.

The interest in it has been rising in past years. On the other hand, registered partnership was ended by some 300 couples, he added.

The official statistics does not record registered partnership that can be concluded in the Czech Republic since July 2006.

Last year, 244 homosexual couples entered registered partnership and 20 ended it.

The least number, 177, of new homosexual partnerships was recorded in 2011, Slehofer said.

The biggest interest in registered partnership occurred right after it was enacted. Then the figures slumped, but after a few years, a gradual increase in their number followed.

Though registered partnership is permitted, the couples cannot adopt children.