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Czech News in English » News » National » Police intercept four refugees in the fields of Southern Moravia

Police intercept four refugees in the fields of Southern Moravia

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Border Police patrolling an area close to Slovakia intercepted four refugees who were walking in the area. Not far from the town of Lanžhot, squeezed between Slovakia and Austria, police noticed four young males walking in a field. As the area is not a place where people are generally walking, they approached the men. As the police approached the refugees asked “Germany?” The police could not understand anything else. The refugees are thought to come from Afghanistan but had no identity documents in their possession. The information was shared by the spokesperson for the South Moravia Customs Administration Lada Temňáková.

The refugees later managed to communicate that one was 20 years old and the other three are yet to become legal adults. The men were passed on to local police.

Last year there was an overall rise in the amount of people that entered South Moravia, or Jihomoravský region. A total of 568 people entered illegally compared to 359 in 2018. The same was true for people entering with the country with a different goal destination in mind. In 2019 there were 69 such cases versus 30 in 2018.

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