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Coronavirus: 6 infected, first school closed, biathlon without fans

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Table of Contents

The local coronavirus update and its implications on the Czech Republic.

Some people are panicking, some people are fighting at the bulk retailers across the pond, some are getting haircuts in China with a meter distance between themselves and the barber. But what is actually going on here?

The Czech Republic has six cases, all related to people who were in northern Italy or directly involved with those in northern Italy. On Wednesday morning, the sixth case, a mother of two children, came to be known and is awaiting official confirmation. The school where the lady’s children study, Antonína Čermáka in Prague 6 Dejvice, was closed and an alternative program was being made for the students. Therefore, the first school closing in the Czech Republic is in order. All schools and universities in Italy are closing.

Furthermore, the World Cup in biatholon, which begins this week in Nove Mesto na Morave, will be devoid of the 100,000 fans which were expected. Not really a good scene for the participants, and thus far the only other change that the Czech government deems necessary. The government announced that at this time it sees no need to cancel anything. Coming into play is a necessary communication to the Hygiene department if you are holding a gathering over 5000 people.

Another step to keeping us safe in our homeland is the Ministry of Health has banned the export of disinfectant. Just like all the other banned substances, this is sure to hold in a country surrounded by porous EU borders.

There are also a whole slew of cancelled and delayed scheduled flights. One example is the long-awaited Prague-Hanoi flight connection which will be delayed for several months.

Lastly, travelling at all is a little riskier. Not necessarily that one makes contact with the virus, but rather that if one coughs at an inopportune time or has a higher than normal temperature, it could mean an uncomfortable quarantine.

Stay healthy!

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