Prague, Sept 5 (CTK) – Fifty Czech police left for Hungary on Monday to help protect the Schengen area and patrol along the border with Serbia together with the Hungarian police in the next two months.

Hungary previously asked for help in connection with the migrant crisis.

The Czech police helped in Hungary last autumn already. Their mission ended before Christmas.

“You will not protect Hungary only, but also your homeland,” Hungarian ambassador to Prague, Tibor Peto, told the Czech officers upon their departure.

He said the Czech Republic is the first country to have helped Hungary in reaction to its request for help.

“I hope you will be warmly welcome by Hungarian citizens and police,” Peto said.

Czech Police President Tomas Tuhy said the Czech Republic has pledged to help EU countries with its foreign missions.

“Many of you have taken part in similar missions, so you know what it means. We not only help our colleagues but we mainly learn tackling the problem that has not hit the Czech Republic as strongly as our partners for the time being,” Tuhy said.

The Czech police accomplished ten Schengen protection missions so far. Since late 2015 they have operated in Greece, Slovenia and Macedonia.

Forty officers left for Macedonia in early August. Their mission will end on September 12.