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Czech News in English » News » National » Ministry official: Economic migrants heading for Europe

Ministry official: Economic migrants heading for Europe

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Prague, Oct 4 (CTK) – Only economic migrants are flooding into Europe from the Islamic world, Tomas Haisman, head of the Czech Interior Ministry’s asylum and migration policy section, said at a seminar on immigrants’ integration in the lower house on Tuesday.

The Western countries, which did not manage integration in the past, could learn from the Czech Republic how to integrate foreigners into society, Haisman said.

“The whole stream, from the beginning till the end, is the stream of economic migration,” Haisman said.

Real refugees trying to escape danger would flee to the neighbouring safe country, he added.

In his speech, Haisman called unsuccessful integration and immigration, though legal, the major threats that the Czech Republic might face in the future.

The fundamental proposition saying not only immigration, but also integration is part of the Interior Ministry’s security section has been successfully pushed though, Haisman said.

It is being constantly monitored in particular places, towns and regions, but not by intelligence means, he added.

The communities of foreigners emerged in Western European countries in the 1960s and 1970s when these countries needed labour force. However, most money for the integration of these people was spent on scientific studies and academic debates and seminars and not on these people. The consequences are two problems – failed immigration and unsuccessful integration, he pointed out.

If a state loses its tools to regulate immigration, it will also lose its position to defend its own security interests, said Haisman.

The Czech Republic has experience even with Muslim asylum seekers and knows that some special Muslim communities are hard to adapt to society, which concerns up to dozens of people, he added.

“Those figures would not threaten us,” he said, adding that these communities should be “broken up” and their members integrated into a normal life.

Tuesday’s seminar was held by the platform of lawmakers in defence of European culture and its values.

The speakers, including writer Benjamin Kuras and former Muslim Lukas Lhotan, warned of immigrants from Islamic countries and expressed doubts about the possibility to integrate them.

The platform founder, MP Zdenek Soukup (ANO), pointed out that the Czech Republic had not yet been hit by a migrant wave, but it would face it if the common asylum and social policy were adopted in the EU.

The platform is now preparing an amendment to enable state control of foreign preachers from the churches that were not granted special rights, he said.

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